JoRdAn BuZuNiS...

Who is Jo?

What happened to Jo?

Where is Jo...

When did Jo die?

Why is it 291?

How did Buzunis bend?

If only I could become Jordan Buzunis.









Ah, Gordon. Here you are. We just sent the sample down to the test chamber.

We boosted the anti-mass spectrometer 105%. Bit of a gamble, but we need the extra resolution.

The administrator is very concerned that we get a conclusive analysis of today's sample. I gather they went to some length to get it.

I'm afraid we'll be deviating a bit from standard analysis procedures today, Gordon.

Yes, but with good reason. This is a rare opportunity for us. This is the purest sample we've seen yet.

And, potentially, the most unstable.

Now, now, if you follow standard insertion procedure, everything will be fine.

I don't know how you can say that. Although I will admit that the possibility of a resonance cascade scenario is extremely unlikely.

Gordon doesn't need to hear all this, he's a highly trained professional. We've assured the administrator that nothing will go wrong.

Ah...yes, you're right. Gordon, we have complete confidence in you.

All right, Gordon. your suit should keep you comfortable through all this. The specimen will be delivered to you in a few moments. If you would be so good as to climb up and start the rotors, we can bring the anti-mass spectrometer to 80 percent and hold it there until the carrier arrives.

Power to stage 1 emitters in 3,2,1. I'm seeing predictable phase arrays.

Stage 2 emitters

Overhead capacitors to one oh five percent. Uh, it's probably not a problem, probably, but I'm showing a small discrepancy in... well, no, it's well within acceptable bounds again. Sustaining sequence."

Shutting down-no, attempted shutdown. It's not-it's not, it's not shutting down!